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Infants & Toddlers


Our toddlers and infants are taken care of in a great loving warm environment. We understand just how important the first few years of a infants life is in development and how important it is for the parents to feel peace of mind with who’s taking care of their bundle of joy. Our facility was designed to help the toddlers feel safe and secure and this helps them build trust in themselves as well as those who care about them.

Our children get the opportunity to have a very wonderful routine of music, song and dance. They have a wonderful variety of materials to use on a daily basis available to them. It’s a wonderful experience for all our children not just to enjoy these things but to experience working together in small or large groups.

ABF learning center takes pride in preparing a healthy homemade style meal for our students making it a healthier option for our children to eat. We also provide physical fitness which is age appropriate. Physical fitness at a young age can help each child's development which is a fun experience for them to enjoy as they grow.