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Safety & Security



Nothing is more important to us than our children's safety and this is why we go through extreme lengths to put priority to the safety of our children.

The creation of our facility was focused on providing the best possible protection and security for our children. Every aspect of our facility makes sure to focus on the wellbeing of our children from the closed circuit digital surveillance cameras, the detail for health and safety in the design and construction, consistent reviewing measures, and taking time to check on their attendance. We want to make sure parents feel safe having their children come to our school.


The classrooms are the main place where all our children will be spending their day. It is for this reason that we made sure our classrooms are fire safe. We have multiple fire rated exit doors to let all of our children have access to safety quick and in an orderly fashion. Our air conditioning system was intended to remove any potential allergens that can intervene in the classroom assuring a higher quality education for all students. Our air conditioners filter out all the unwanted particles by filtering and removing an excess amount of air which helps keep a germ free environment.

Alarm systems/Camera Surveillance

ABF Learning center takes safety and security serious. For the safety of our children, staff and families we have added multiple surveillance cameras throughout our facility. Inside and outside of the school's perimeter we have cameras operating 24 hours a day to make sure our facility is safe. In addition to this we also have an alarm system incorporated to make sure everything is fine.