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Programs & Curriculum
Infants & Toddlers


Our toddlers and infants are taken care of in a great loving warm environment. We understand just how important the first few years of a infants life is in development and how important it is for the parents to feel peace of mind with who’s taking care of their bundle of joy. Our facility was designed to help the toddlers feel safe and secure and this helps them build trust in themselves as well as those who care about them.

Our children get the opportunity to have a very wonderful routine of music, song and dance. They have a wonderful variety of materials to use on a daily basis available to them. It’s a wonderful experience for all our children not just to enjoy these things but to experience working together in small or large groups.

ABF learning center takes pride in preparing a healthy homemade style meal for our students making it a healthier option for our children to eat. We also provide physical fitness which is age appropriate. Physical fitness at a young age can help each child's development which is a fun experience for them to enjoy as they grow.



It’s a well-known fact that a good ninety percent of a child’s brain development takes place within the first five years of their life. This is crucial information to make every day count towards our children’s future. We have created an educational system to ensure that our children receive high quality education throughout their time within our care.

It’s been established that children learn best through play. Utilizing this information allows children to learn through their own personal interests and goals.

Voluntary Pre-K
Every parent should know that every four year old in the state of Florida is entitled to attend a free voluntary pre-kindergarten educational program that is funded by the state of Florida. This allows our students to get a head start for when they start kindergarten, giving them a chance to successfully prepare for statewide kindergarten readiness. The tests utilized in our teachings help create an environment that is friendly and rich in culture as well as very helpful to a child’s development.

Creating a perfect learning environment is vital but we also help the children to think, create, reason and recreate as they engage in the learning process. Motivating our students to think outside of the normal day to day routine also helps their development. We fill our classrooms with toys, books and teaching programs all aimed to help their development according to their age.
After School
We offer after-school care for school age children up to the age of ten. Services are also provided during holiday breaks, and teacher planning days. We are looking forward to our expansion for the new school year 2013-2014, that will include an additional classroom specifically for our school age children, with age appropriate materials and a space to call their own! We are super excited about this up-coming project.
Summer Camp
Our summer camp is available to all of our children and any new enrollments subject to space availability. Activities range from social skills, arts & crafts, computer activities, drama & theater. Fun water days help keep children cool during those hot summer days. We encourage everyone to participate from our infants to our school age children. Field trips are also a big part of our summer program for preschool and school age children only.
Karate & Ballet


Martial arts is not just a great way to get physical fitness but it’s also a way for kids to learn discipline. This kind of discipline can also impact how their performance is in the classroom or when it comes time to study and do homework. Martial arts is a great way to help our kids remain focused while setting their eyes on an attainable goal that keeps them persevering in the many areas of their life. Our Martial arts program is available during the school year for children three and older.


We offer ballet during the school year for enrolled children three and older. The instructor is professionally certified to teach ballet. Ballet is a great opportunity to help children get into shape while having fun, it also helps to teach discipline.

Karate & Ballet participants have two performances a year, once during our Christmas program then again at the end of the year for graduation.